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Sarah Thornburg

Data-Driven Marketing

My name is Sarah Thornburg and I understand the vital role the Internet plays for businesses of all kinds. By hiring my digital marketing agency, I can help you target the right customers by creating the ideal strategy for your brand. Whether you’re a local business, eCommerce shop, non-profit or you fall somewhere in between, following a data-driven digital marketing strategy is essential for gaining brand exposure. My digital marketing agency specializes in search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click advertising (PPC) through GoogleAds and Facebook, Google Analytics and website development.

How I’ve Helped


I love helping my clients realize their fullest potential in digital marketing through ongoing monthly SEO and PPC services, consultation and Google Analytics analysis. My results-oriented program focuses on data-driven processes that work. I’ve worked with clients from across the country to enhance their organic search visibility and increase their return on investment.

  • New Seasons Market saw a 49% increase in search visibility 60-days post-optimization
  • Skydive Monroe saw a 172% increase in organic search visits year-over-year
  • Strong Silicone achieved a 361% organic search return

My digital marketing agency services get undeniable results. Let’s chat about how I can do the same for your business.

New Seasons Market0%
Skydive Monroe0%
Strong Silicone0%
ben wills

Sarah is the definition of an SEO and digital marketing expert. She’s extremely thorough and detail oriented, which in my experience pays major dividends when it comes to search. She genuinely loves what she does and has somehow managed to stay curious through years and years of hard-earned experience — I regularly benefit from her efforts to stay on the cutting edge of digital marketing best practices.

Benjamin Wills
Decoder Digital

allen mcelhaney

The SEO & SEM knowledge that I learned from Sarah was by far the best I have received from any 3rd party strategist thus far. During the period that I worked with Sarah, we were able to shrink our cost per lead by about 37% overall. In addition, our mobile web saturations increased by 17% in the first 15 months.

Allen McElhaney
Operations Support at Veritage Management

Praise for Sarah!


Don’t just take my word for it. I have worked with clients in a variety of industries across the country to drive organic search, meet and exceed PPC spend goals and help analyze their Google Analytics in order to create a result-oriented digital marketing strategy. After reading testimonials about how I’ve helped local businesses accelerate their Internet presence, I encourage you to reach out. I’d love to start the conversation and help your brand thrive in the digital world.

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