Creating Content for Search Engines

creating seo content for search engines

Creating Content for Search Engines

The truth about SEO content is that it requires a very strategic approach and a very clever execution. Writing for search engines is different than writing for users alone, as it involves layers of strategy working behind the scenes to help you rank in search engines’ results, as well as reader-appeasing copy enhanced by strategic keywords. Creating SEO content requires structuring your copy, web page and site domain in a way that is easy for search engines to understand and engaging to your user.

To get a search engine to understand your content you need to make sure you optimize these four areas.

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1. Make it Easy For Google to Find Your Domain

Before you start cranking out content, you need to ensure  your website domain is correctly set up and optimized. If you created your site using a content management system (CMS), like WordPress, Squarespace, Shopify or any other major CMS platform, it’s likely the platform has already coded your site using programming languages Google and other search engines can crawl and understand. It’s also advisable to avoid dynamic web-development languages like Adobe Flash to render copy, image, video or other assets on your site, as Google cannot crawl these elements and therefore cannot use the content to improve your relevancy.

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2. Use Proper Terminology

The verbiage you use on your website, blog posts and other content should be true to your brand and resonate with your target audience, while also providing keywords essential to your on-page SEO strategy. This can be difficult for businesses who want to promote certain products or features using industry-specific jargon which demonstrates an understanding of and authority within a professional field. The danger here is that industry speak may not match the search phrases your target customer is using to find businesses like yours. This is where an SEO professional can help you by identifying keywords which are both true to your businesses and used by your target audience.

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3. Properly Format Pages

Once you’ve established how you will speak about your business on your website, you need to incorporate essential SEO keywords within the structure of your site. These areas include the page title that Google and other search engines crawl to understand your page, meta description text that appears in search results, on-page headings and subheadings, on-page content, image file names, alternative text tags, URL structure and link anchor text — just to name a few.  For your on-page copy, you will want to make sure the written content is clear, concise and easy to understand. Scannable elements, such as headings and bullets lists, will improve scannability, appeasing both your user and the search engines.

4. Create Engaging Content and Copy

Engagement can mean different things to different people. In the world of SEO, we want web copy and content to drive the user toward a specific action — one that is in line with your business goal. This could be getting users to make a phone call, fill out a contact form, write a review, sign up for a newsletter, read related articles, book online, watch a video and more. The purpose of the written content is to guide the user toward the actionable item while providing supporting details and encouragement along the way.    The more people you get to engage with your website in this way, the more likely the website will rank prominently in search engines.

As you can see, a combination of off- and on-page SEO and user-engagement strategies is critical to creating effective digital content. An SEO professional can outline the steps and provide the keywords you need to to be successful with search engines, while a professional copywriter can take the strategic elements of your content and create tailored copy, which incorporates keywords, formatting, and motivational language to encourage engagement and drive action.

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