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Business owners wanting to compete in both the digital and brick-and-mortar worlds need to understand the importance of website analytics. I work with my clients to grasp the importance of reporting and analytics in order to gauge the success of your digital marketing efforts. Google Analytics is the primary provider of this service. It’s important to have Google Analytics enabled properly on your website to get reports on the actual visitors to your site. Website analytics reports often include:

  • How visitors find your website
  • How visitors behave once they have reached your site
  • Who your visitors are including age, gender, location
  • Popular content on your website
  • Total conversations and more

Enabling Google Analytics on your website helps you see what marketing channels are driving the most leads for your business, what pages on your site resonate most with visitors and what social platforms are most effective for your brand. As a Google Analytics consultant, I use data-driven marketing practices to understand how visitors are using your site and provide you with accurate measures of your marketing channels. After the initial systems are in place, I help you review the results regularly. This allows you to identify key performance indicators for your business and deliver tactical data insights.

ECommerce tracking by marketing channel
ECommerce tracking by marketing channel
Goal conversion tracking by marketing channel
Goal conversion tracking by marketing channel
New user pie chart by marketing channel
New user pie chart by marketing channel

The Importance of

Website Analytics

One of the greatest benefits of website analytics is that even for brands with a $0 marketing budget, you can still have tracking and analytics set up on your website to understand how people interact with your brand. My favorite part about data analytics is finding trends that help brands understand if they are seeing growth or simply seasonal changes. Analytics should be implemented across all of your marketing channels including social media marketing, events, signage, flyers and more. I can help you develop the best tracking and analytics system to ensure each channel is being measured accurately.

When you know who your site visitors are by age, gender, geographic location and interest, you can take measures to enhance their user experience. We can see what devices, operating systems and browsers they are using and test your site’s compatibility with those technologies. Website analytics and data analysis can help you improve your site to increase sales and qualified leads. Website analytics help you understand your visitors, how they operate and predict future demands based on real data. Get the most out of each of your marketing channels by hiring a website analytics consultant.

Sarah is a fantastic person to work with and is not only multi-skilled and insightful but an articulate strategist. She is a genuine professional and dedicated to her work and to the company she is providing high-quality services to. Working with Sarah throughout the years, I found her as a person with a deep passion, proficiency and understanding of digital marketing services and technologies. She is smart, creative and daring and that combination has helped her deliver strong performance and innovative and relevant initiatives to keep our program competitive.

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